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Historic Post Office Wedding: Brenna and Andrew

It’s been a trying year, and that’s putting it nicely! While the list of bad things about 2020 is extensive, there’s so many good things to appreciate as well. Brenna and Andrew’s festive fall wedding is among that list. We tackled our first wedding since COVID has impacted us all, and it was a total success!

Brenna and Andrew were surrounded by close friends and family in their private wedding. Everyone was full of excitement throughout the entire day. Check out a few highlights from yesterday’s wedding!

October 11, 2020

  1. Wendy Kuhlman says:

    Beautiful photos

  2. Lois Longo says:

    Zack and Tara, the photos are just beautiful!
    I swear I love each one more than the one before it.
    Thank you both for just sliding in and taking our family on…we can be a bit over the top but you both adapted and actually, fit right in!
    Personal, profession, perfect!
    Mom and coordinator:)

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