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Beautiful Hampton Roads Wedding at the Historic Post Office

It’s refreshing to work with a bridal party that’s just as enthusiastic as the bride and groom, but it is even better when the entire family is energetic and filled with excitement! It really shows in the images. The minute we walked into the Historic Post Office, we could feel the contagious energy from Sam and Jenna’s bridal party. Everyone wanted to make the day that much better, and they were successful! We are excited to share with you the images from the Venable wedding!


Event Planning & Floral Designs : Riverwood Designs

DJ: Astro Entertainment

Venue: Historic Post Office in Hampton, VA/ St. Marks Lutheran Church in Yorktown, VA

Photography : Zack Chavis Photography

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July 9, 2018

  1. Sharon Morrissey says:

    These photos capture the joy of Sam & Jenna’ s love & marriage. They are all lovely.

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