5 Getting Ready Photo Ideas


October 7, 2021

Happy Thursday Y’all! We’re taking time out to catch up on our blogs and shed light on a few helpful topics today.

When the time comes for you to celebrate your special day, you’ll find that it’s usually divided into several parts. There’s getting ready (hair, makeup, getting dressed), ceremony, formals, and the reception. All stages that we approach differently to get the best outcome. Today, we’ll discuss some ideas you can take and use for getting ready!

Get Comfy!

We absolutely LOVE when our brides treat their bridesmaids with beautiful and comfy robes! It adds another fun layer to your album, and provides a perfect opportunity to relax and have fun before you walk down the aisle. Also, it’s another fun keepsake for everyone to have after it’s all said and done. The more you can keep afterwards, the better!

Helping With The Dress

Whether you have 2 or 8 bridesmaids, these are some of the most absolute gorgeous photos. Your bridesmaid can help with putting on jewelry, buttoning the back, or lacing the corset. There are endless possibilities to capture!

Party Time!

We mean it when we say “relax and have fun”, because it shows in your photos. If theres one signature photo we’ve made ours over the past few years, it’s the champagne shot! We prep our brides with instruction prior, and then capture the amazing end result!

First Look!

These aren’t just for the bride and groom! First looks can be used for your bridal party as well. Your bridesmaids are guaranteed to be just as excited to see you in your dream dress.

Exchange a Love Letter

Something we wish our couples would consider more often is an exchange of a love letter prior to the ceremony. It’s an emotional moment we LOVE to capture, both with the bride and groom. Also, yet again, another keep sake that you’ll get to have after the big day!

We hope you enjoyed these tips, and that you can use them to help plan for your big day! If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at zack@zackchavis.com ! Thanks for reading!

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