Why Are Bridal Details So Important? Here’s What You Need to Know


December 6, 2021

Wedding Bridal Details, baby blue shoes, YSL perfume, wedding rings, invitation suite, velvet ring box, pearls

I never realized I was as detail oriented as I am until I began photographing bridal details. (Unless we’re talking about stuff at home because as a matter of fact I do notice when the dishes are loaded incorrectly into the dishwasher, or when the towels aren’t folded in threes the way I like, or when the sock bin in our boys room has underwear and vice versa, then yes, I’m pretty detail oriented at home too)- I digress.

But I’d noticed the crooked tie, the unbuckled shoe strap, the uneven necklace charm, etc. To some it’s not a big deal or it can be overlooked, but to me it’s important. Noticing the flaws in some details are almost just as important as noticing the beauty in the details, and the warmth and emotion that it can bring to both the bride and groom and strangers that are stumbling upon the photos by chance.

baby blue velvet ring box, wedding veil, wedding bridal details, wedding rings, YSL perfume, diamonds and pearls

I love the incredible effort in the bridal details that Christina prepared for her Virginia Beach wedding at the Gala 417. Each piece was non-negotiable, and rightfully so. The full invitation suite, the personalized velvet ring box, the luxury perfume, her unique baby blue shoes, the diamond and pearl jewelry accents, and the creatively executed save-the-date in form of a baseball ticket (their engagement shoot was at Harbor Park! Go Tides!). But my favorite is her floral bouquet charm, tenderly displaying a sweet photo of her dad and an angel beneath it. While we know that he was spiritually with us on the wedding day, we loved being able to document the physical presence with this very special detail.

eucalyptus leaves, white roses, wedding bridal details, baby's breath, white peony, angel floral bouquet charm, in memory of dad floral bouquet charm pin

It goes without saying that I sometimes get wrapped up in the stories that our clients have but it’s because I love them like family! They welcome us into their lives by being able to document what to some is the very beginning, so how can I not be emotionally invested!?

You can also have detail photos as touching as these which is why it’s so important to have these items when we arrive for your special day. I’ll have more examples of the variety of items you can have in future posts so stay tuned!

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