3 Wedding Poses You Should Have in Your Album


January 25, 2022

Veil Shot

You’ll most certainly want to take time to showcase your amazing veil on your wedding day. There’s a variety of different poses you can get while working with the veil, and with a little patience and occasional assistance from the wind, you will have some outstanding results!

Veil wedding photos.
Veil Wedding Photos.

Walking Photos

Movement ALWAYS looks great on camera. It’s weird and a bit ironic to say that, but yes, you can capture movement in photos. Waking photos have been some of our favorites over the years. You can get some of the most candid and natural smiles from the couples, and you can even implement this with large bridal parties!

Virginia Wedding Photography.
Virginia Wedding Photography at Historic Post Office.


Slightly more advanced, but incredibly worth it. To our last point, there’s a certain magic when adding motion to your photos. A simple twirl is almost guaranteed to bring out those beautiful, natural smiles. This pose matches perfectly with a long, flowy dress!

Washington Dc Wedding Photography.
Norfolk Botanical Garden wedding photography.

Venues Featured : Gala 417, Historic Post Office, Stoneyman Valley Ranch

Makeup Artist: Blushtones, Best Face Artist

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