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November 30, 2021

Quick Life Update❗️(read below)
2 months into going full time, and all the doubts, fears, and unknowns that were constantly showing their ugly heads and had us second guessing, are now nowhere to be found! 🎉

We always knew that we had a gift that could change our lives and others, but weren’t always confident that we could pursue it and still support a family. Well I’m here to tell you otherwise. Since going full time, we’ve had ATLEAST one booking per week, sometimes 3. We even have bookings out to late 2023, God is so good! 🎊🎉

I’m almost sure someone reading this has a a gift, passion, or calling they want to tap into, and the only thing stopping you, is yourself! Don’t quit before you even start. We believe in you, and can’t wait to see your progress in pursuing your calling! 🙌🏽

Zack and Tara Photography at pleasure house natural area.
Zack and Tara photography taken by Michael and Jasmine photography.
Our 2nd year of Family photos with our photog friends Michael and Jasmine!

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