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December 3, 2021

This week was another HUGE milestone in our business. For the first time in our 10 years of business, Tara will be taking the lead on our social media! The only question we’re left with asking is why did it take so long?

Wedding Photographers Zack and Tara

I started this business 10 years ago as a Junior at Old Dominion University, shooting sports photography and making gas money by shooting Graduation Photos for my friends. I was literally trying every single aspect of photography. Soon I was asked to photograph a friends wedding in Pungo, Virginia Beach. I NEVER looked back.

Madison Square Garden Sports photographers
My days as the head photo editor for the ODU newspaper, what a time! Here I am with some world class photogs at Madison square Garden for the Men’s Basketball NIT tournament!

It was like opening a WHOLE new door in my life. I was meeting so many new people and traveling places I would have never thought to go. Everything started to change, but the one constant through it all in my career as a Virginia Wedding Photographer, has been my lovely wife, who’s supported me from day one. From being my first model and always being available to help me practice, to encouraging me to stick with it when there were days I didn’t believe in myself!

To be honest, this business wouldn’t be where it is if not for Tara. Theres only so much that being a good photographer will get you in this industry. There’s work and preparation that goes into what we do on the wedding day.

Recently, Tara has been responsible for calling our brides months in advance to help prepare them for their engagement shoots and weddings. Everything from styling, makeup recommendations, and small additions to help make your photos that much better!

You see, the easy part is showing up to photograph the wedding, it’s the work and preparation that comes before that separates us. So it’s only right that you hear from her yourself! Starting next week, Tara will be taking over on all platforms, giving you all that helpful info and also giving you a sneak peek into our personal lives. There’s so many bridal topics to touch on: engagement shoot location, bridal detail tips, wedding day to-do list, etc. We can’t wait for you to join us!

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