Wedding Details Checklist


January 3, 2022

Everyone LOVES the classic bride and groom portraits, and so do we, but the tone and THEME of the entire wedding is usually set by the DETAILS! This is the first thing Tara and I photograph when we arrive on the wedding day. It allows us to warm up creatively and instantly get to work.

At times, it can be difficult to remember all of the details to bring with you on the wedding day. There’s so much you’re already keeping track of, that’s why we want to make it easy for you by giving you some key things to include on your wedding day.


Wedding Ring Photos at Gala 417

A common mistake is handing over the wedding band to the best man. However it’s actually better to keep them all together so that I can include them in your detail shots! It was extremely helpful that Anthony and April had everything together for their wedding at Gala 417 in Virginia Beach.


Badgley Mischka wedding shoes

Shoes are a great source of color and help to create the “Tone” of your wedding. These badgley mischka bridal shoes offered a perfect amount of vibrant color that set the theme of Stephanie’s amazing wedding at the Woman’s Club of Portsmouth.


Detail wedding photos at Stoneyman Valley Ranch.

The wedding rings aren’t the only jewelry you can include in your photos. Be sure to include bracelets, hair pieces, family heirlooms, etc. All of which add to the beauty of your detail shots! See more of Katie and Brendan’s wedding in the Blue Ridge Mountains at Stoneyman Valley Ranch HERE!

Invitation Suite

Wedding Ring Photos at Gala 417

An extremely important, and often overlooked, portion of the wedding day! The invitation suite is what tells the story of your wedding day. The location, the date, the names; all information that tell viewers about what was going on on your special day!

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