3 Tips For Wedding Family Photos


January 5, 2022

It’s no secret, there are so many parts that make up the wedding day. Getting ready, putting on the dress, walking down the aisle, saying your “I dos”; all of these small parts come together to create the magic of a wedding day.

One of our favorite moments is FAMILY PHOTOS, and for so many reasons. It’s our first interaction with close relatives, it’s the couples first chance to speak with family on the wedding day, and it’s usually the first moments after the couple has said I do.

Everyone is on a high of emotions, and as great as that sounds, it can sometimes be a roadblock to staying on pace and successfully completing your photos. This is why we want to share these 3 helpful tips to help you prepare and get the most out of your family photos!

Gala 417 Virginia Beach wedding photos.
  • Tip #1 Make a LIST – One helpful tool for making this part of the day easier is having a pre-typed list of the shots you want with specific family members. This will help to avoid the confusion of calling random names of family members after the ceremony. An example is “B&G w/ Immediate Family, B&G w/ Groom’s Immediate Family, etc.”
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  • Tip #2 Designate a family member that is well aquatinted with everyone to be in charge of rounding people up when it’s time for their photos. Of course as your wedding photographers, we can prepare a list, but we don’t know your family members by name or title as well as you do. Having a family member to keep the list and help get family prepared for the photos will be an EXTREME help!
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  • Tip #3 – Brief your family beforehand. Let them know before the wedding not to go too far after the ceremony. Keeping everyone close can save ALOT of time and ease the stress of staying on track with your timeline. You can simply email/text family members a day or two before the wedding and remind them not to go too far after you say your I dos.

Hopefully these few tips serve you well. Like we said before, family photos are truly a special part of the wedding day, and if done right, they can produce some of the most magical moments. Thanks for reading, and be sure to subscribe for more content!

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